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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.

So the Central Offices Office of Professional Standards Investigator came to speak to me about a discrimination, retaliation claim I have against some Correctional Officers. This is after they already denied my IRR,Grievance, and Grievance Appeal stating not enough evidence, and here is the take all and because I didn’t make the seven day time frame so it’s ok for criminal acts to take place I guess. Also we send evidence but during the passing through hands items are removed, and as far as a time frame we can’t control when we get to go to the library for copies etc or have items in the canteen to write legal work like pens, paper, typewriter supplies etc. OK back on topic! During our meeting my write up by mail room supervisor was brought up he stated that he spoke to Asst Warden and she said it is because of what I said in my message I stated no matter what I said, or was talking about WITH MY MOTHER it is protected under 1st amendment as years of case law stated. It is sad that the lead positions of administration don’t know that or the police or case law! He said but you’re in prison your rights are suppressed! This is the issue staff and keep in mind this is supposed to be an investigator who doesn’t know the law or policies just basically stated I have no rights in prison? So he just sat the legal system back 50 or more years with that way of thinking. But this is how all the staff think we are incarcerated. We have no rights, the constitution doesn’t apply even if it is in black and white they ignore it like the JCCC administration on my write up from the mailroom for a message to my mother! People incarcerated have rights some may have a limit but the limits are very small. The Constitution applies to us, maybe people remember this “We The People” it doesn’t say except those in prison it also states “Justice For All”! I am a retired veteran and for someone to tell me the constitution doesn’t apply or to violate someone’s rights is a disgrace again like the mailroom supervisors write up. To me they disgraced every service member’s sacrifice to protect the rights of the constitution by violating it and those who violate it are a domestic enemy as stated.

Thank you Toby Gregory

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