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We received the following message from an individual who’s currently incarcerated in Missouri’s Department of Corrections. This is the truth about our prisons. Drugs are everywhere and these individuals cannot get help when they want it. There’s nothing rehabilitative about prison. 

“I checked myself in to the adseg unit because I am an extreme drug abuser and I felt it was time that I got myself clean and sober plus I’m tired of living a lifestyle that isn’t fit for me nor my family. Also with that being said I made this choice because I am simply tired of getting high and due to my drug abuse it has caused some friction with other inmates on this yard. I’m currently in Algoa Correctional Center in Jefferson City Missouri. Due to this I requested to be put in protective custody because I felt like my safety was at risk. So this is a request I made to the staff. On ****** I was woken up and taken to the caseworkers office and was told they were releasing me back to general population and at that time I stated I do not feel safe going back to this yard and would like to remain in the adseg unit because I struggle with drug addiction and I am having problems with inmates on the yard. ******* ***** which is the caseworker interviewing me said you cannot stay here and we are not going to allow you to remain here and that I was going back out to the yard rather I liked it or not. When I refused to do so CO2 Sergeant ***** ******* then stated I will pack his stuff and through it out on the front yard right along with him and he can figure it out on his own. So here at Algoa I dealt with two staff members that did not take my situation very serious and tried themselves putting me at harms risk when they are professionals and as a professional it is there job to protect me if I feel unsafe. Because I refused to go back to general population the caseworker ******* ***** wrote me a conduct violation for a 19.1 creating a disturbance and a 20.1 Disobeying an order. Its clear to see that this was retaliation for me refusing to do what I thought shouldn’t happen and very wrong. Since I have been in Algoa I have been requesting a treatment because I know I have a drug problem and these people won’t provide me with the help I am asking. Now I’m stuck in there adseg unit and I feel like because I refused to follow the so called orders they won’t help me with the help the DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS is designed to do. I need a treatment because I am truly tired of getting high and I don’t want to go home with an addiction problem. I see the parole board in 7 months and feel like I will receive an outdate due to the fact that I’ve been locked up 11 years on a 15 at 85%. I think treatment is needed but also I feel like staff here are corrupt and unjust.” 

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