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The situation at Jefferson City Correctional Center is becoming worse every day. Staff shortages, a huge shortage of medical staff causing “sick call” to be cancelled almost daily, and the worsening situation between staff and the incarcerated. 

Three house at this facility has had its fair share of trouble the last few years. Two weeks ago, two staff members were assaulted within days of one another. Since then, this housing unit has been on “minimal movement”, going one walk at a time to mainline (meals), one man has his cell door chained shut because of a defective part that the DOC cannot locate a replacement for, and last week CERT went into the housing unit. What follows is a message we received describing some of what CERT did during that “search” and the tensions since then. 

The 3 house situation seems to be calming down. We have been out on time…or close enough to on time for the last few days. Industry has been back to their normal schedule as well. Although now that they are coming back out, the guys from over there are telling horror stories about the cords on their TVs being cut, clothes and bedding tossed into the middle of the floor and their food dumped out on it, broken typewriters and appliances all by the CERT shakedown that happened shortly after ***** was assaulted. They punished the whole house and destroyed people’s personal property as a show of force and power. Apparently, anyone who complained was instantly dragged to the hole  cuffed and leashed and escorted by riot shotguns. I say these things without having witnessed it first hand. I must qualify it by saying that. Still the guys who told me are not prone to exaggerate or fabricate stories. That kind of stuff shouldn’t happen. We know they are in charge, proving it in that way is akin to a grown man beating up a child. They are bully tactics by a group of people who are scared. And perhaps rightfully so. That does not excuse calling in a hit squad from off camp to come in and kick a hornets nest when it was already agitated. This could easily have made things worse. Time will tell.”

Lori Curry

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