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 We received the following message from an individual who’s currently at Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron, Missouri. Sadly, we hear stories about medical neglect like this frequently. 


I am writing in concern with what is going on around here. There are a few issues that are going on that the public should know about. The first is medical, there is a guy here by the name of ***** ******* who was diagnosed with liver cancer over a year ago. Medical has done nothing to get this man treatment, he has lost all his weight and does not look well at all, he will be lucky if he has a month left. Dr. ****** who is here keeps telling him that she is taking care of it, but nothing is getting done. The sad part is that it has probably spread to the point that it cannot be treated now. 


The second issue is that they are taking level five inmates out of this institution (WMCC) to go over and work on Crossroads (CRCC). Theses inmates are serving sentences from life to life without. Since it benefits them (WMCC Staff) they are letting them go out. They are also still allowing level five inmates to be mixed with level one inmates. Jefferson City made them move the level five inmates back to the other side not long ago, but they are still allowing level fives to work around the level ones. They are not supposed to be around level ones at all. They put up these walls and doors in the kitchen to keep them separated, but they do not use them. When you work in the kitchen and your level drops to a one, they move you out of the kitchen because there is a lot of level fives working there. There was a guy here that had his cell searched by a Sargent and a CO who thought it would be funny to put a bottle of lotion and summer sausage on his pillow, he tried to file a PREA and the warden here said that is was not a PREA. He had to file an IRR to get them to recognize the situation, but nothing has been done about it.”

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