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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison. Some edits were made for clarity.

I want the public to know how corrupt the department of corrections is. If you are incarcerated you have to pass a monthly or bi monthly drug test. However, to work here (Staff/ COs) you don’t have to pass a drug test. Also they have people under 21 working in the institutions, yet our children and other relatives or friends have to be with an adult to come to the prison to visit under a supervised camera plus uniformed officer in the room. If we are to drop dirty or just be told by staff that we look high even if we pass a drug test, we lose our outdate, our contact visits, our premium pay job, etc but the one thing they don’t do is send people with addiction problems to treatment. They would rather punish our children who don’t understand why they can’t come play chess or just see, hug and kiss the ones they love. Well I’m sitting in the Ad Seg in Tipton MO due to a mentally unstable CO named ***** *******  who alleged I said she had “big tits and a fat ass’ ‘ and also said that I told her I asked my people on the outside about her and that my people knew her. I believe she was on drugs and was delusional because I never said such things. I’ve been here going on my third year and never had a problem with such things with no other staff. Actually never since 2012 have I ever encountered a situation in such a nature. Now that I am in Ad Seg for her false accusations which happened on a Tuesday morning that very Sunday she quit her job. I’m still stuck here. No one has come to see me on the CDV. Nothing yet and my family hurts again. I’ve waited 14 1/2 years without any contact with my son. The very Sunday 7-30-2023, my mother had plans for me to actually meet him and his mother. I have no clue as to if it happened or went well due to these false accusations. It is so very sad that “we the people ”, treat the people so horrible. I truly hope this gets put into circulation. This is only a very minor situation that we go through because we made mistakes and got ourselves put in prison. Thank you for being here, it means so much. Utmost love and respect, god bless all of you who take time to listen-  Cody Davis

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