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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison. Some edits were made for clarity.

I put in a cell request move several times as I can’t live with this current celly. All the time, I have been ignored when the cells I requested to move to were empty. Today, Friday 7/28, caseworker day the caseworkers were late but I did manage to see one who said I can’t move to an empty cell alone. The only way is to find someone to move with me. This is not the policy, I am having issues with my current celly so before anything escalates I have asked to move now. It has  to be on some kind of buddy system. I came to prison alone. Caseworkers just make up their own rules. It took a minute to locate someone who wants to move and is also eligible for an honor wing. I found someone I requested at 2 pm to see a caseworker follow up. She, I guess is so busy now she said to place it in a box so I guess take a chance to be overlooked for a move again. Things like this is why there are so many issues in Missouri Doc. We identify there is an issue and try to avoid it or do the right thing but the people in charge of assisting don’t do that. That puts things off until things escalate. It’s not right. We will see if I get moved next week or overlooked. The truth is the people are lazy, just don’t care because no matter how bad they screw up they are not fired!

Thank you,

Toby Gregory

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