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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.

Missourians may think they have everything figured out on who runs the Department of Corrections but I would challenge that. See the Governor is supposed to run the state but has no control over the Department Of Corrections it seems, I say this because why does he let so much illegal wrongdoing take place in the organization of DOC? The Missouri Attorney General is suppose to be the pillar of law enforcement as the States Prosecutor but he claims that the Department of Corrections is his clients and it would be a conflict of interest to intervene so he lets them do whatever they want illegal even and if they violate people incarcerated rights and get sued his office will use taxpayer money to represent the wrong doers even. Does this seem right because this office took an oath to uphold the constitution but allows the Department Of Corrections to violate it and then represents them at your expense. The Director of Corrections is supposed to be the top dog but can’t control anything and no one listens to this person along with that there are policies in place signed by top members of Corrections that are not followed by institutions. At the institution level we have seen a Warden make or give an order and the Assistant override the order when the Warden leaves. A Warden is a myth as the person in charge. Inside the institutions we have Correctional Officers making personal policies and not following ones from the Central Office or even Warden. Then when people incarcerate file and IRR on policy issues why do we get denied all the way to the top. So it is unclear who runs this circus because the ones who get paid the big bucks don’t tell their subordinate what it seems like everyone is correct in this organization unless it’s an individual incarcerated no matter what the issue is. Missourians needs to investigate after all it’s your money going to pay these people who may or may not come to work ever, or deny what is right and be subjected to a lawsuit that Missourians pay for just because they can’t admit they are wrong and the chain of command can’t be a chain of command there are rules, policies and laws in place it’s time to hold Correctional Staff Accountable for not following them!

Thank you,

Toby Gregory

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