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Classification File’s Are The Backbone Of Your Incarceration

By August 23, 2023No Comments

Missouri Prison Reform recieved the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.

I am incarcerated at the Jefferson City Correctional Cntr. who has been in prison since 93′, Having transferred here from MSP (the walls) when it was shut down. I have completed over thirty years of incarceration. I’ve stayed busy, worked hard, had no dirty urines, obtained a High School Equivalence, completed Woodworking, BioHazard, Hospice classes, and Volunteered at both the Chapel and as a DLA mention nothing about the thousands of hours worked at MVE. Having enrolled in woodworking, biohazard, Hospice and volunteered as DLA. I was told that since those classes were non-paying achievements I would receive Restore to Justice hours. That said, this institution recently started a program in Housing Unit 2C. Inviting people incarcerated who met specific criteria to apply and participate. Having done so, it was discovered that former Institutional classification staff. Neglected to properly maintain and accurately preserve my personal classification records. Making it appear as if I have laid in my cell for thirty two years accomplishing next to nothing. Showing present classification staff Certificates of completion, I was told (I would not receive credit for those hours). Because their computer records don’t show those records. So I would be required to complete an additional fifteen hours of Restore to Justice to qualify. As for the certificate of accomplishment and time spent volunteering. There is absolutely nothing they can do about that despite my having certificate’s. Your classification file’s are the backbone of your incarceration. They demonstrate your development and achievements while incarcerated. They show the Courts, Parole Board and Governor what, if anything you have done with your time. Your prison resident file is what the Courts use when considering a Time Reduction Request. The Parole Boards utilizes them in determining home plans, and programs you will be required to do once you’re released. Our Governor uses them when considering Clemence’s and/or Commutations. Concerned about my future and not knowing what to do are whom to contact at this point. I’m open for suggestions.

Respectfully Written Kenneth Busch

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