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Why Would An Innocent Man Take “Life With Parole”?

By January 27, 2023No Comments

“My name is Minister DeAndre Pointer; I have been incarcerated and wrongfully convicted for (2) Murders that I didn’t commit and have statements from victim (name redacted by MPR) that Jackson County Prosecutor, Dan Miller withheld from the jurors. I also have newspaper clipping that came out in the Kansas City Star on Feb12,2009 that Jackson County, Judge Jay Daughter, allowed prosecutor Dan Miller to with evidence and over 260 pages of reports in the case of ******* ***** in June of 2005.My case happened in June 2003 which shows a pattern that Judge Jay Daughtery was the same judge that allowed [Dan Miller] to make a false indictment submitted on Sept 11,2005 on a [Sunday at 11:39 Pm] and also withhold statements of ******** ******** made onJune 13,2003 thru June 19,2003 which would have proven my innocence. The similarities in my case compared to ******* ***** case is that:(1.) They both happened in the month of June, my case June of 2003, and ******* ***** case happened in June 2005.(2.)Both cases were murder cases, that have had evidence, statements, and police reports that was withheld. Judge Jay Daughtery allowed prosecutor Dan Miller to withhold statements made by ******** ******** identifying one person who acted alone and killed ****** ***, and ***** ****.The difference in my case compared to ******* ***** case was that his family spent over 500,000 in lawyer’s fees to discover fraud and deception, also a respectable Jackson County judge Edith Messina which cited prosecutor ( Dan Miller) for committing fraud upon the Court and withholding evidence and reports that prove, Mr.***** innocent Judge Jay Daughtery was the same judge allowed, Dan Miller to submissions an illegal indictment filed on a Sunday an also same judge that denied my pre-trial motions to have the murder cases to be separate, because these murders were not identical and also were on different times and this was very prejudicial and violated my Constitutional Rights for a fair trial

Why would a innocent man take life/with parole which consist of 30 years when I turned down (3) pleas. One plea was (20 years), Second plea was 18 years and to testify, and third plea in the middle of my trial would I take 15 years with a life sentence consecutively. I thought, I was doing the right thing by testifying, but now at 51 years old another birthday (Feb 4). I feel that I made a mistake by not taking any of the pleas, which I would have been home. I look toward to getting blog set-up and also praying 2023 God set me free.”

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