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Current Conditions At Algoa in Jefferson City

By October 13, 20223 Comments

Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from an individual who is currently incarcerated at Algoa Correctional Center in Jefferson City. This is posted with his permission.

“thank u for given me a min of your time. I Hurd from other inmates. that you will speak out the truth that these people. try to keep in the prison. is that true ? if so my cell ***** ********* ******* would like u to add him he has been down 7 years and has some things that he would like to share ! on another. note I been in and out of prison scenes 2007 and. I am at algoa right now and I am in the hole and have never been treated so bad in all my years in prison . due not get me wrong I know we have done wrong to get wear we are in life . but as humans or inmates we still have some rights . the staff hear. ** ******* and other talk to u like u are trash cussin and just for real taken our life and freedom as a joke ! I am in PC. due to haveing enemy’s hear and waiting on transfer . the. team committee you see hear. laughs and jokes and makes. fun us. ! not being professional at all. then to top it off the sanitation around hear is a joke. every cell has cockroaches so bad u wake up to them crawling on u ! no joke and when asked for cleaning supplies the give u a dust pan and broom with no Handel. and a small cup of water down clearner with NO mope or toilet brush or any way to wipe or clean your cell I have a irr in right now on it and the cos tell us to use our state clothing to use as wrags then try to make us right a green check for tearing up state property !! they say they spray for bugs !! ya right. been down hear going on 2 months in the hole and never seen or hurd of them spraying for the bugs. even the cos complain about bugs. they are so bad ! but they just act like if we. due not like it due not come to the hole . well some of us are down hear. not because we are in trouble. but for safety reason. and yet the people in trouble. get treated with more respect ! out of 16 year in and out of prison I have never been to a more nasty place in my life or been treated like a animal . the staff hear due as they please and due not follow policy . my family calls down hear complaing all the time and it does no good. . thank u for your time and I have so much more to say but thought I would start with this . have a good day


  • Heath Wilkins says:

    I have done time in the hole there at Algoa, so I know what he’s talking about.
    It IS pretty bad.
    My name is Heath Wilkins. I was incarcerated within the MoDOC for almost
    40 years flat, from 1985 to 2022. I was 16 years old when first incarcerated and
    I spent my first 15 years on Missouri’s Death Row.
    I am now out and trying to figure out how to make my way,… through life?
    I don’t know.
    But yeah,… it is pretty bad at Algoa.

  • Ryan Mudie says:

    Just watched you on the death row documentary and I’m over the moon your out now heath!! Stay safe and keep going strong bro!! SALUTE FROM SCOTLAND 👊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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