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By June 2, 2021One Comment

 We received the following messages regarding a CO at ERDCC who has tested positive for COVID after refusing to get the vaccine. The incarcerated have been forced to be in crowded environments with staff who refuse to wear masks and now refuse to get the vaccine. They can’t leave, the can’t socially distance, and they can’t get adequate medical care. At the time this post was written, the DOC’s website indicates 13 active COVID cases amongst it’s incarcerated population and 2 active cases amongst it’s facility staff. 

“A guard who said she refused to get vaccinated, who works in the property room here at ERDCC has tested positive for COVID-19. CO ******* deals with countless numbers of inmates and staff everyday, and she never wears a mask. As the positive COVID cases continue to rise here, it shows that staff are deliberately putting our lives and health in jeopardy. We arent in society and we cannot choose where to go, or who we interact with. We can’t make the decision to put ourselves in the safest position possible. If staff want to be in our faces without wearing masks and without getting vaccinated, there is nothing we can do to stop them. All we can do, is sit back and watch as more of us catch the virus, and suffer through the damage done to our health and lives.

Not only are fully vaccinated inmates being infected with COVID-19 due to staff’s deliberate actions, now staff who said they would not get the vaccine have tested positive and are under quarantine. Staff brought the virus into the prison, and they continue to bring it into the prison and ensuring it spreads. And their actions will only lead to the spread of the virus in the communities surrounding the prison. The lawsuit is in court, but how many of us will be infected and have serious damage done to our health and lives before then?”

Lori Curry

One Comment

  • 417ninja says:

    My wife is in Vandalia…the women’s reception/diagnostic center. They have hundreds of positive COVID cases and are currently having women with positive COVID results serving food to the other inmates. I called and they said they had no other option

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