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Frustration At ERDCC

By May 28, 20212 Comments

 We received the following message from a man who’s currently incarcerated at ERDCC in Bonne Terre. He also told us that another message he sent regarding the conditions at this facility was kept from being sent out to us. 

“The chaos at ERDCC continues. This morning, there was a fight, two guard assaults. The staff here have created these unsafe, unhealthy, dehumanizing, and hopeless conditions. Not only are they too short staffed—which means the staff here are so overworked they cannot respond to human beings in the healthy way they should, which leads to more assaults—but the department never provided the video visits that have shown to lower staff assaults due to added connection and communication with our loved ones. Also, good behavior and doing positive self improvement is not rewarded with release from prison on parole. Even the most caring and helpful of us can’t get released, or even get adequate medical care.”


  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to ask about the violence of the bonne terra prision for men. Gangs target young men who go into the prison at very quick pace and threaten harm or death and rape if they do not do as they are told . Young men go into the prison a certain person and leave really terrified and have alot of problems mentally . Why is this not being addressed. How many murders have took place that are not being looked at. Why are the young men with either no past history or very minimul charges being put into the part of that prison that houses the inmates who are not ever gonna be released due to their violent acts out of prison and continue on inside .. What can be done about this ? Concerned for our young men .

  • Can you please email us at We would like to help. Thank you!

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