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A Message of Sexual Assault and a FUM Not Helping at MECC

By May 17, 2021No Comments

 We received the following message from a man who’s incarcerated at MECC in Pacific, Missouri. Sadly, we hear stories like this too often. Prison staff like to get involved and help get men with certain charges get assaulted. Here’s the message we were sent.

“When I got to prison I was classified as a Sigma because I was molested as a child and I was raped in diagnostics and because I’m non violent and not aggressive. I’ve been to Bonne Terre , Farmington, Licking and now Pacific. Every prison I’ve ever been to has had me classified as a Sigma. That is until I got transferred to Pacific and placed into the custody of Functional Unit Manager *********. I was a sigma the day I got to this prison and know that for a fact because Mrs.**** the bed broker showed me my intake file that showed my status. When I was placed into housing unit 2 F.u.m ********* overrode my sigma status and made me into a kappa and when I found out I asked him myself why and he said because I’m a big guy and my SIZE means I should be a kappa .A week later I was moved to housing unit 1 because I’ve got a sex case and a prison gang called family values has been harassing me since I got to prison and so I requested to be moved from the house where they are to 1 house where I would be left alone. Once I was move to 1 house a caseworker named miss ***** spoke to me and I explained my issues and that I should still be a sigma. She did my 30 days intake review and after I answered all her question she told me the computer had confirmed what I said that I am a sigma and so she did the right thing and turned me back to a sigma. A few days later because I was worried about ********* overriding my status again I went and asked miss ***** to check for me and she told me that yes ********* had AGAIN overrode my sigma status and turned me into a kappa again. Now ********* is taking the wing I’m in and emptying it out and sending me and other people he did the exact same thing to back out of the sigma house to be harassed and assaulted because of their charges. A guy named ****** was just jumped in housing unit 2 by 3 family values members and all his stuff was stolen out of his cell because he has a sex case and they wanted him to pay to be left alone. He was in the same wing as me until a few days ago when ********* made him move to 2 house and told him not to worry because people with cases aren’t assaulted in prison. He and others like him and me have all been sigma’s when we got to this prison and as soon as ********* got ahold of our files he made us into Kappa’s. Now the safety and security of a lot of inmates is being put into jeopardy and multiple hate crimes are being committed all because ********* who is new to being a Functional Unit Manager doesn’t think that the computer that says we are supposed to be sigma’s or the caseworkers that say we should be sigmas could possibly be correct. He has overrode my sigma status twice now and when I asked him about it both times he used my size as a reason I should he a kappa. My size didn’t stop me from getting held down by three men who proceeded to rape me while I was in bonne terre and it hasn’t helped me since then to be left alone by gangs who see people with sex cases as a target. What is happening at Pacific prison is just another case of how staff who is supposed to protect us sees us as less then a human being and puts our safety in jeopardy. I want my sigma status put back in place and ********* forced to leave these other sex offenders alone because clearly he doesn’t have their safety in his heart. The house I’m in is a sigma house and for some reason the staff here is trying to bring kappa’s and alphas who have drug violations down to this house and turn D wing in 1 house into some kind of step up program which is just gonna open the window wide open for Alphas and gangs to get access to all these sex offenders and sigma’s who have been able to stay away from them up to this point. There will be people in this house being pressed to pay for protection and to be assaulted if they refuse. They should be putting a step up wing into the alpha house not into the sigma house. Its just seems very fishy that ********* is the one who chose to put that program here when he has proven over and over that he will change a sigma to a kappa if they have a sex case. He has done it to multiple people. He has done it to me twice now. I’m safe and don’t need protective custody and as long as I stay in the house I’m in I will be just fine. I just need to be left alone and ********* needs to be taken out of this house as f.u.m of these sigma’s and sex offenders and put somewhere he can’t put anyone else’s safety into jeopardy.”

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