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 We received the following message from a man who’s currently incarcerated at Southcentral Correctional Center in Licking, Missouri. 

“I am currently being housed at South Central Correctional Center in Licking Missouri. I arrived here on 5-4-21. Coming here I was placed in quarantine for 14 days due to the covid virus protocol. Being one day away from my two week mark I have yet to see any cleaning supplies for the rooms to keep things sanitized. I’ve asked multiple correctional officers several times for cleaning supplies and each time the response I get is, next shift is the shift that passes out cleaning supplies. Each shift seems to just push this issue off onto the next shift and yet I’ve not been able to properly clean my room as I should be able to. When getting here I had to use a piece of cardboard to sweep the floor and the only bar of state soap that I get each week was forced to be used to clean and sanitize things as best as I could. Which after using that only bar of soap they provide me with each week I could not have anything to wash my hands after me using the bathroom each time. Also while being here on quarantine I only get out for 15 minutes a day. Within this 15 minutes I am expected to use the phone to call my loved ones, take a daily shower so I don’t break the institutional hygiene rule, and use the offender canteen kiosk machine. I feel this is cruel and harsh punishment and I am not being afforded a proper amount of time to spend a decent amount of time on the phone with my loved ones and take a decent shower without being rushed to do both things. Also I am given the privilege of being able to send and receive emails from my loved ones. I have literally wrote emails to my loved ones and it has taken this institution two to three days to send my emails out as well as receiving emails. My loved ones have sent me emails and I have yet to receive several of them. I feel like this institution is messing with the offenders mail by prolonging the process of sending emails out and letting emails come in. I’ve been at two other institutions and if a loved one sends a email out to us on one day the very next day we will receive our email. That goes for sending emails out. It only takes one day. Here at this institution it is taking three to four days to do both. I am writing because I feel these things need to be addressed at this institution and would appreciate your help. I hope you receive this email due to the fact that I am afraid it will be blocked from being sent out to you. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon”

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