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Support From An Employee

By March 31, 2021No Comments

 We are contacted by a lot of Missouri DOC employees who are afraid to speak out, but confirm the information we post, offer their support, even thank us and ask us to not stop what we’re doing. These employees know if they speak out or even show their support for Missouri Prison Reform, they will face retaliation from their employer. We’ve had several contact us once they’ve quit and tell us they have been watching what we’re doing and wanted to say something so many times but were afraid of losing their jobs if they did. 

We’ve had a few who have harassed, bullied, even sent messages to family members who are active on our social media pages. We inform the DOC, provide names and proof, and yet those employees keep their jobs. 

We recently received a message from a DOC employee who wanted to offer their support, confirm what the incarcerated are telling us, and thank us for what we’re doing. We always protect the identities of the employees who offer support and talk with us so we won’t post the entire message, but here’s some of what was sent to us (shared with permission):

“They basically brainwashed us in training to think the offenders were awful people and never trust a thing they say or do…Honestly, though, I met some of the kindest guys in there…Thank you for what you for these guys, they appreciate it. I haven’t reached out before in fear of losing my job, but I learned about you through those guys. They’re always talking about the Reform and telling their friends about you”.

Lori Curry

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