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“Viral Containment Plan” And A Familiar Captain at MTC

By March 31, 2021No Comments

 We received the following message from an incarcerated man at MTC. It seems that the DOC’s “viral containment plan” is still not being followed. This captain that is referenced in this message has been the center of many allegations. Remember the riot? Remember the investigator’s office that was trashed? There was a reason that investigator was targeted. These men are frustrated that they aren’t listened to. They feel powerless. 

We hear from good employees, too and they confirm a lot of what we’re told by the incarcerated at MTC. 

here at Maryville treatment center. policy only matters when its convenient for them. a few weeks ago I filed an IRR in regards to quarantined offenders being placed in the same cells as non quarantined offenders. it should be noted that very rarely does an IRR ever go in favor of the inmates. most circumstances when that does occur it is only because there is a possibility of a lawsuit against DOC. with that being said, after I filed the IRR they stopped placing these quarantined offenders in our cells. they also stopped having quarantined offenders work the chow hall. it is apart of the viral containment plan to separate newly arriving offenders in a housing unit of their own for a 2 week quarantine status.. and that is still happening. two days ago they cleared a whole 10-man cell out down here in the ad-seg unit and told us that it was a result of my IRR and that they now had to have a cell for quarantined offenders since there are more than 2 of them down here right now. Captain ******* obliged us on shower night when we spoke to her about having the quarantine offenders go last because it wouldn’t make sense to put us in a shower immediately after someone who’s on quarantine comes out of it, and we thank her for it! she is not ,”the most hated captain”, as c.o.1 ****** just stood at my door and stated not 20 minutes ago. maybe among the staff but not the inmate population. and c.o1 ******* obliged us on phone call night, having the quarantined offenders go last for phone calls and then cleaning the phone with bleach afterwards. now today, early this morning captain ***** came down to the ad-seg unit and erased the quarantined status from the board besides these guys names. stating that they should have never been listed as being on quarantine. yet, they have only been on the camp since Tuesday. 6 days. and other captains and lieutenants acknowledged the quarantine status.

so, today was rec. day. we only get 3 – 1hour rec periods a week down in ad-seg. when they came to our door to handcuff us for rec. I asked what they were doing having three offenders on quarantine in the hallway in front of our door. the officer stated that they would be going to rec with us. I stated that those offenders are on quarantine status and aren’t able to live in a cell with us therefore they aren’t able to share a rec cage with us. the officer stated that I could either go out with them or I would be refusing my rec. I asked to speak with the shift commander, who happens to be captain *****, and was told I refused my rec. and had the chuck hole slammed in my face.
I caught captain ***** as he was doing a tour of the ad-seg unit and asked if he would come speak with me. he became belligerent, yelled that I could file my IRRS and to see if he cared and left the unit.
so it seems that because they now have multiple quarantined offenders here in the ad-seg unit and have already begun to have to do more work, with the shower and phone situation, that they are just going to say that these offenders are no longer on quarantine..
its funny because on Friday I asked the caseworker to bring me an IRR on Monday, and we have to state what the IRR will be about and I told her it was in regards to the quarantined offenders. and then this happens on Sunday.
even though we’re grateful to the c.o.’s who’ve worked with us in this matter and appreciate that they haven’t been lying to our face like some of the others, I know that without it being in writing that they have to do this, some c.o.’s would do it however they felt like and not take our health concerns into consideration. so I was planning to file on the shower situation, the phone situation, as well as the book cart situation. they have a procedure in place for quarantined offenders to get books, and the books get placed in a bag for a certain amount of time before they’re available for regular use again. so for them to be going through the books on our book cart down here and then the c.o.’s bringing the book cart straight to us next to touch all the same books that those offenders just went through.. it would violate any kind of containment plan..
I’m not trying to be petty, but I’m not trying to pick and choose how much separation we’re okay with.. separated means separated.. some of us have health issues that make us more susceptible to contracting this virus that has already claimed soo many lives.

I felt this situation was highly unfair and thought I’d share it with Missouri prison reform and all the concerned family members and loved ones of incarcerated individuals.

captain *****, who is also acting investigator, has too much power on this camp. if there is a limit to the amount of hours allowed to be worked per week, I am sure he is exceeding it by far.
Policy is constantly being disregarded and the inconsistencies suck for the inmates who have to live here..
thankfully I will be transferred soon, but I hope some kind of positive change can come about for all the inmates who will still be here and the ones still on the way here.

I realize following policy usually means more work but it was put together for a reason. if d.o.c would just follow policy then we as inmates would always know what to expect. and wouldn’t constantly feel as if we were being unfairly treated.

thank you”

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