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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.

Thanks for the News Letter, Every one knew that any of the State Reps. wouldn’t come to the prisons as you( MPR) requested! And believe me there is lots and lots of offenders have written to them ! When there offices and ( MDOC) offices receives mail from an Offender, they don’t even open them, they file them in there shredder! BUT! listen up people! ( offenders,and there offices) Get out there and VOTE! If we can get the LAWMAKERS that wants every one to die in prison ,not want to give us a chance to start a better life, OUT OF OFFICE!!! And get ones in that at least will give us some thought! I constantly hear offenders say that the Prison Reform ( MPR) isn’t for the offenders??? Well open your ears! MPR is telling you guys what to do! Instead of calling your love ones and numbing money from them, ask them to go on line write letters to these so-called law makers!!! And make a Bill – Law, to change the PERCENTAGE ,or ?? a plan for us to earn GOOD TIME, Every family in MO. haves a love one in prison! Now if at least 3 people in each family in MO. writes calls etc.etc. We might get there attention!! It will give you all something Good to do! And for all you cry babies it will give yous something to cry about! Let’s give the MPR a chance! Stop using excuses! Let’s also show MDOC that if we could earn good time? Every one will attend programs classes etc. Because you can’t get it unless you attend !! Also there would not be as much trouble. Let’s use our time to better ourselves try to get out and stay out of prison! Not stay in and mooch money off your family not let MDOC take care of you!! We can help MPR to help us! Put the tablets down Stop playing the games! I see where hundreds of offenders get money from there families to purchase games that’s between $5 and $10 each! That’s why MDOC gave you idiots a tablet so you wouldn’t pay any attention to what’s being done to you! The money you take from your families is coming out of there boils money! But I constantly hear y’all say your a grown man!!??? Have your families to use some of your game money and your zoo zoo wham wham money to buy postage to write for help to get you out of prison! I been in this system since 1979 and back in the day we dreamed of having a MPR to help us! And we were Convicts NOT Offenders! We didn’t use our families we helped them so they could help us! Listen up people, you for real need to wake up ! Its about to get worse in this system they are slowly taking and taking.. You are going to wish that you put those little kid games down and stop all the wanta be, Gangsta crapp and be a man! Life is to short! So when you talk out side your necks and say that MPR isn’t for us? Show proof! Show what you did to say that! But you will say that SECURUS is for us right? Which is absolutely right!! We made them Billionaires!!! You will have your families to put money on your accounts to rent high dollar movies, buy music games phone time etc.etc. etc. BUT you want have them to send letters to these LAWMAKERS pleading for new laws to help us to get out to be with our families!! Oh or is it that if you get out you will have responsibilities?? And won’t have your tablet to play your games on? Serious guys wake up( Grow up)! Let’s listen let’s do something positive.. Attention MPR. please post this all the above on the news letter and the blog, it may wake a few up.

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