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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison. Some edits were made for clarity.

This camp has been writing people up for pieces of paper on the floor or laying around in your cell saying its k2 drugs. But when you ask them to test it, they won’t do it and they find you guilty of it no matter what. I have been written up 2 times about a year ago for the same thing and then when you see the parole board they won’t believe you when you say it was not drugs. I have done years in prison, well to be exact 11 plus flat, and got out and came back and I have never had a dirty or caught with drugs. Hell the whole time I was in for the 11, I spent most of it as the staff barber and worked for the major’s office and medical and them jobs are given to trusted people not people like they made me look out to be. This place needs help being cleaned up and I should be transferred soon so we can sit up that phone call. I have names of CO’s who has been bringing drugs in and putting hits out on people. There are some dangerous people here and they should be stopped. I have wrote the higher ups and never got a response back so I guess its not important for them to help us. So I’ll come to you all and let’s put this place on notice so they quit taking people’s dates for pieces of paper. Thanks for your time, Jeremy Pickard

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