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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.

Some edits were made for clarity.

There is a newly appointed Sergeant that is trying to take over the Jefferson Kitchen. He is undermining the authority of the Warden as she signed a Inner Office Communication stating that all workers can leave when they are done in their respective areas. So kitchen managers says offenders can leave, this Sergeant won’t allow it. The Sergeant was only promoted, not because he earned it or deserved it, because he was going to quit DOC. So they just gave him Sergeant, so he would stay. He has made ill statements towards the IOC and the warden. This is his boss but he ignores her orders and directives. Now a Offender said he was filing IRR, this Sergeant said go ahead and I will lock you up. This is clear retaliation on a offender filing a IRR/Grievenace and this is criminal filing of a IRR/Grievances is Federal Law. This Sergeant should have been fired on the spot as he said this in from of the whole dinning room! Today an offender requested a supervisor, a LT, as the offender can. This Sergeant stated if you bring a LT up here I will lock you up. This again is a retaliation act and is criminal. My question is why hasn’t this Sergeant been fired already and how long is the administration going to allow this Sergeant to disregard policy, the Warden’s orders, and  undermine the managers at the kitchen and the law violations?

Thank you, Toby Gregory

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