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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.

Hi this Blog ,News posted for ALL MDOC and families to see! There are different stories in the News Papers Where offender’ s committed violence against employees , ( hit officers in the face, or spit on officers, etc.etc.). And the offender is ( no doubt)!! Placed in the hole up to 1 year, charged with a felony Crime, and sentenced to the maximum fullest! BUT when 2 or 3 Gang members Extorts, and attacks a OFFENDER, ( that’s a old man, and not affiliated,and trying to do his time). They don’t even go to the hole!! (?) They don’t get punished!(?). The one ‘ s whom gets extorted, threats, harassed, and Beaten, Those are the ones that is placed in the hole! And have to be put in Protective Custody!!! WHY????? No matter whom the crimes are committed against, ( The officers,Staff are not the only Victims)! There are many many offenders that has been thrower away in Protective Custody, which 80% of them were extorted, and attacked by gang members!!! If? its Questioned? Why are they so many offenders in the Ad.Seg. units ( on PC status?) ,the hole, in all the prisons across the state,??? The staff’s answer will be BECAUSE they owe $ debts to the gang members for drugs!! Which there are some young and dumb offenders that gets drugs on credit and request for PC. !! BUT!! THERE. ARE a lot of offenders that don’t owe no one! Question? the ones that ask to be placed in a FACILITIY that he can go in to population, and do his time without the Extortion, Threats, Attacks, Where he can attend classes, programs, go out side, etc. etc. But is denied!!!! I will not send anything to you that I can not prove! I’m not wanting trouble brought to me AND I pray that I’m not thrown in the hole! I’m just tired…

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