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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.


In accordance with a Sergeant today, he said that the administration is on him to be strict on people incarcerated and to do things that violate policies like stripping people incarcerated out when it is unnecessary and on camera this is just wrong! The issue is that most staff are promoted when they are in fact not qualified! This is being done to keep them because of the staff shortages issues. This only creates problems now you have untrained staff with no regard to policies and most don’t know them now with a supervisors rank. If they did wrong as a CO and lack the training and knowledge in their position then you promote them, what is now going to happen is their wrong doings is on a much higher level? The administration is on staff to be harder on people incarcerated, however when is the administration going to be harder on its staff and have some integrity. Say when their staff violates policies and does wrong against people incarcerated this would make people incarcerated respect the leaders of the institution instead of resenting them. Staff lie! The administration needs to stop acting like every staff member is incapable of the act of lying and their word is made of gold! Staff is out of control. They dip tobacco in the institution when it is a criminal offense to bring it in as this is a tobacco free institution to mean all tobacco. So staff dipping tobacco and no staff correcting this or even administration and the entry officer allowed into the facility is criminal so if tobacco is criminal any staff member dipping or caught trying to bring in should be terminated immediately!

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