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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri Prison.

My name is Jeremy Pickard and I am writing to inform the public just how the staff at A.C.C. are treating the people incarcerated at Algoa. First there is one staff member that goes around and yells and talks crazy to all the people incarcerated. At night she went into the bathroom while a male person incarcerated was in the shower and started talking to him then asked him to come out of the shower. Now he wasn’t even dressed then she dumped the trash on the floor and tried to make us clean it up when she dumped it. On top of that I have been written up on 2 11.4 and I asked for them to be tested for K2 and they wouldn’t do it so they are getting away with writing us up for drugs and taking our out dates from us and that is not OK we are human and we deserve to be treated equal. Please someone look into this place and it’s the staff who are bringing it in. I got names I can give but I’m worried for someone trying to hurt me. There’s cell phones and all kinds of stuff here that only can come in with high ups being involved. Please help us here in this prison I’m in the hole now because I have to get away from here cause I’m getting targeted I’ve been wrote up 3 times in a week 2 times by the same person and they won’t let you use the camera as a tool to prove your innocent but they will use them to prove your guilty how is that OK they say they are trained to look at us as low as dirt so I hope we get the help we need. Thanks for your time.

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