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Missouri Prison Reform received the following message from a resident of a Missouri prison. Some edits were made for clarity.

Because every institution in the State of Missouri is ran, and built a little differently than the next. This may are may not effect you personally, but it should. We have several (Female Guard’s) who complain, threaten conduct violations, and in some cases have even issued them. To people incarcerated who are in their cell’s relieving themselves throughout the day. Ladies, it’s just the way things are, it’s a natural function for most living creators. We’ve tried to be considerate by blocking our windows, but that only creates a new problem for you.

They either beat on our doors telling us to remove to obstruction, or pull the door open for the world to see. Threatening to give us a violation for using the toilet. They read our emails here and frankly I hope their reading this one. Ladies, you can’t have your cake and eat it too ! We didn’t build these places and we sure as hell didn’t put the toilet in front of the doors.

Both State and Federal Law along with DOC Policy clearly states:

“That all female staff are to announce their presence when entering the housing unit wings”. Failure to comply with this directive, “Violates both State and Federal Prea Laws that are now in effect”. However, some of you female staff members either didn’t get the memo, or have deliberately refuse to comply with the law. Subjecting your self to legal action and harms way.

We hear from some of the women’s penitentiaries, they have partial walls, giving them at least some privacy. And with the New Prea Laws in effect, collectively we would like to know. What entitles the female resident population to privacies that male residents are not entitled to?

Respectfully Confused, Kenneth Busch

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