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Kitchen Conditions At MTC

By July 2, 2021No Comments

 We’ve recently been getting a lot of reports of expired food and other unsanitary conditions in the kitchen at Maryville Treatment Center. We’ve received the following information from multiple individuals who are incarcerated at the facility. 

Two of these individuals referred to the same staff member in their complaints. We’ve received complaints about her before. 

It’s been brought to my attention that you are looking for information about us being served old food in the kitchen? I’ve worked in the kitchen at MTC since December but within the last month I got another job because I’m not gonna serve that food to other humans, it is morally wrong. They cook food then save it and put it in pans and set it in a walk-in cooler uncovered with nothing over the top of it and sometimes we get food that’s leftover for 2-3 weeks. Then the serving sizes we get are smaller than what pre-school children are fed. On Sunday June 27th 2021 we had fruit loops for breakfast and i literally could count how many I had and I honestly had 13 fruit loops on my tray. This is getting really rediculous! Sorry for the rant but just thought you should know what’s going on as well as the fact that this place is understaffed that they are mandating officers to work 16 hour shifts, but they continue to bring in 20-30 offenders a week.

Also our pudding, cake, and biscuit mix is out of date by over a year! They just bought two brand new Kawasaki 4×4 mules with the money they could have used for the inmates food or for air conditioning we don’t have considering we are in the same building as the administration offices that do have A/C, instead they used it for lazy officers to ride around on mules!”

they reuse old food all the time that can be anywhere from 3 days to two weeks old that’s been cooked cockroaches falling from ceiling while were cooking morning co ******** that don’t wear hair net and goes in coolers and around food and locks workers out of the bathroom when they need To go everything is out of date on food like the premix for biscuits and cakes apples for the apple crisp that comes in bags”

The square cooks down in the chow hall they put up and freeze Bologna and turn around and serve it weeks later ,When I saw the sticker on the pan a couple of weeks ago I spoke to one of the square cooks and said ,” that bologna is out of date by 3 weeks” she replied,” oh it’s not bad we froze it.” They also put up the left over beans and blend them in with the little bit of new beans . They wear face mask when ever they feel like it NEVER wear a hair net!!! The ban as they serve is soft and blackened most of the ones they serve . The biscuits they supposedly cook is left over from the last time and they mix the old ones in with the new ones . Ms. ******** she always talks crazy to everyone and never respects nobody or sanitation . We don’t have air conditioning and they won’t allow us to buy fans from canteen . They provide big shop fans but it don’t serve the whole floor any good . Also makes it so noisy that you can’t hear the phones because with all the loud SHOP fans going everyone else is having to talk over the fans . I watched one of the square cooks at lunch walk over to the serving line and pick a meatball right out of the pan from the line and ate it her name is Ms. ******* she did have a glove on but she has had them gloves on for awhile then and Lord knows what all she touched before she grabbed the meatball. I spoke up and told her that was nasty and she walked off and ignored me . So all of the square cooks got mad at me because I complained to their boss . The protein pellets they put in the food are out of date by no telling how long . If someone would come in unexpectedly and check things out they would find a lot of faulty in the food service here.”

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