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More Harassment Regarding Prayer At ERDCC

By March 22, 2021No Comments

 On 2/28/21 a group of Muslim men were pepper sprayed by DOC staff while praying. We’ve made several posts regarding that incident. One of those men sent the following letter regarding another issue that occurred on 3/13/21 where they were, again, harassed regarding their prayer. This letter is written to the warden at ERDCC. 

Dear Warden:

Hello! How are you doing today on God’s green Earth? In the water colors of life, we find a fragile beauty of creation unfolded before us.
On Saturday, March 13, 2021, we were praying and once again were interrupted under threat of serious physical harm. Officer ****** came in the wing and locked down the housing unit 4B, because we were praying in the wing.
After we locked down, ****** ******** was escorted to the back offices of housing unit 4. Where he was threatened that if we were seen praying again, we would have the same treatment as the first time, on February 28, 2021.
Officer **** **** came to housing unit 4 after then wing was reopened and went to the back offices of housing unit 4. Lt. **** told ****** ******** that he and his officers don’t care what the Warden said, if its not in writing, then it does not exist.
So I’m asking that the Warden issue an Inter Office Communication, that we can pray in the wing and wear cuffies.”

*Names redacted by Missouri Prison Reform. 

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