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Dear Anne Precythe…

By March 11, 2021No Comments

 Our INjustice system is all about money. That’s why the Governor Parson, Anne Precythe, and Don Phillips won’t let anyone be released. The sick, the elderly, those who have served so much of their time. Those who no longer pose a threat. That’s why the facilities are in shambles. Make money off of the incarcerated and their families, don’t repair your buildings, don’t pay your staff enough, don’t hire good staff…well, you see what’s going on here. And yes, with no visits in over a year in many DOC facilities, where are most of the drugs coming in? I won’t sit here and tell you that I don’t believe that SOME aren’t coming in from the mail. But enough for overdoses? Enough for entire wings to be “cloudy” and many men to be walking around “high” like people are telling us? No. It’s DOC staff brining it in. Like the staff at ERDCC who are under investigation (hopefully they still are and aren’t walking around free with their jobs still in tact). The ERDCC staff who were bringing in drugs and other contraband and bribing incarcerated people to assault other incarcerated people. Yes, that was confirmed by staff and the incarcerated both. This is the sad, ugly truth of our INjustice system. Here’s a letter from LeVar Aikens regarding all of this, directed at Anne Precythe and the parole board.

This entire system is completely broken. Potosi is infested with black mold and needs to be closed down. Farmington has asbestos and is literally crumbling, and needs to be closed down. And since we haven’t had visits in a year, it’s now known that staff have been, and are, bringing the drugs into prisons. Can someone please ask Director Anne Precythe why she allowing staff to bring drugs into prison? Can someone ask the parole board why they won’t people who within a year of being parole eligible go home instead of keeping us in an environment where staff bring drugs into prison? They are so short staffed, they don’t see half the fights that take place. Medical is so short staffed, they can’t keep up with serious “Chronic Care” appointments and treatments, so you can imagine what regular medical treatment is like—It doesn’t exist. Then you’ve got former prosecutor’s like Amy McGowan who withheld evidence in cases and KNOWINGLY put innocent people in prison.

‘A prisoner must be provided with “shelter which does not cause his degeneration or threaten his mental and physical well being’. Ramos v. Lamm, 639 F.2d 559, 568 (10th Cir. 1980).
This is a law. Everything about confinement in prison right now, threatens our mental and physical well being. They are killing us in here. And by the way, staff still refuse to wear masks, refuse to get the vaccine, kr give us cleaning supplies. And here it is, the CDC says the surge of the COVID variants are coming at the end of this month–and this variant is more contagious AND more deadly. How many of us have to die or have our health permanently damaged before it stops?”

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