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A Message From a DOC Employee

By February 3, 2021No Comments

Edited to add:
 By the way, this employee called it SCCC, but the story was about the incident that occurred at SECC. Kind of sad and embarrassing. 

Yesterday we posted an article on several of our social media platforms. The article was a story regarding a recent  incident of violence at a Missouri Department of Corrections facility. The story included statements made by a corrections officer employed by MoDOC about their frustrations. Frustrations we continuously hear from employees. 

This morning we received a message from a central office employee who seems to be extremely out of touch with front-line staff as well as the incarcerated. The term “brain-washed” often comes to mind with central office employees. And we had to as this woman if she even read the article ( 

We also informed her that we have repeatedly reached out to the Missouri Department of Corrections, as we know others have, to try to work together to make things better, but MoDOC refuses to respond. 

Lori Curry

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