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More Information on MTC Riot on NYE, Received on 1/19/21

By January 20, 2021No Comments

 We received the following message regarding the riot that took place at Maryville Treatment Center on December 31, 2020. A lot of this information has been the same information we’ve previously been told by other incarcerated individuals for the last several months. 

“prison riot at MTC midnight new years place erupted busting windows spraying fire estigwisher and fighting each other and police and cops are unprepared and scared to death inmates are not safe not shure what’s next will email asap
a lot of people in the hole right now at excaly 2:46 requesting protective custody saying they fear for there lives and are being refused protective custody and protection
cert team came in with gas mask shot guns and mace bombs trying to intimidate but didn’t work just got shit more out of control
the whole place is trashed all cameras broken and no room in the hole people just handcuffed to metal benches with no shirts shoes just trying to find a place to lay down!pure chaos and people are tired of being lied to here being oppressed and treated like dogs no protection from virus also several people free cased on drug charges with no evidence me free case for a threat on a inmate I never threaten just was told the investigator says he heard me say I was gona have someone hit a total fabricated lie just to get me off the yard I am a member of a security threat group and negotiations have been made here for us to control this prison because the guards lost control been going in for month they were hiding it from jeffcity to keep getting funding for a treatment that we never done due to virus and riots they negotiated with us to make shure inmates continued too work the chow hall because during the uprisings no one went to work all staff including the warden had to cook all meals and serve them we told them they want workers free all the guys from the hole who had been there for months on bogus conspiracy charges and they negotiated and freed 26 inmates from hole who was never suppost to be released also I know in all over the place in this e.mail and I apologize alot is transpiring and they have been blocking my emails to you so I’m telling you I can explain better to you guys or the lawyers you have access to so I hope you receive this by the way just heard them say they inmates broke into the wardens office I hate to say it but serves them right plz let me know you got this”

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