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This is a message Missouri Prison Reform received from an individual who was recently in treatment at a Missouri Department of Corrections facility. We often say that there are more drugs in treatment in these facilities than on the street or in general population. Here’s the message we received.

*Some edits by Missouri Prison Reform for clarity.


Well, I was in Farmington treatment, but things did not work out. There was more drugs in treatment than in GP and i got 80% to do so treatment will not give me any play on my out date. So, I signed out and had to sit in the hole until they transferred me. The CO’s that work 5 house are straight pieces of shit. They lie on us inmates, put false conduct violations. They treat our property like it’s shit and one CO goes around fucking with people just to get them to act out. See if u get a conduct violation in the hole at Farmington your time stops, and u get a contract. So, it’s like hell to get out once you get in. He keeps taking and making rules to fit his needs and it all falls under disobeyed rules, so DOC has their loopholes. After 46 days in a single man cell, they finally sent me to St Joe. And these people do not know how to count. Non-stop re-counts and the black mold in the showers is unreal. I would have wrote back sooner but Farmington doesn’t give you the tablet in the hole, so I had no way to respond back.


  • Tami Ruch says:

    This is absolutely true of Farmington. I dont know this person, but my son was sentenced on a drug charge, went to Farmington, and he is more addicted than he was before. They definitely have more on the inside, and they play it up to the ones they know can get money sent from home. They “front” it to them, they the loved one is threatened if it is not paid for in time. Then they get their ass beat if someone from home doesnt send the money. Sounds a little like extortion doesnt it? Thats because it is. I know because thats been my hell for almost a year. The sad part is the gangs run the place, and the C.O.s are the ones supplying it. Just my point of view. I wish it would end, but I cant report anything because of retaliation.

    • Trish Toler says:

      My son did the same in Farmington and has put me in such a financial mess. He is now in bowling Green and has called me 7 times today because he needs 300 to not get beat up. The dope was fronted to him. They just wave the dope in the addicts face. I have written to Jeff city but no one cares. My son will die in prison

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