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Questions From WRDCC

By September 20, 2022No Comments

Missouri Prison Reform received the following letter from an individual who is currently incarcerated at Western Reception Diagnostic and Correctional Center in St. Joseph, Missouri. We will continue to provide a voice for these individuals. These issues need to be heard. Why is help so difficult to receive when people are truly looking? Don’t we want better for people? Don’t we want true rehabilitation? Or these prisons just warehouses full of people who have made mistakes?

“I am thankful we have options for treatment… the big question is… if we do treatment are we allowed to also partake in the ITC program??? I was told it would possibly be considered double dipping… now seeing Missouri DOC has a shortage of guards/and evidently cutting their budget… wouldn’t it help if individuals are seeking help on their own and not mandated??? wouldn’t that also shorten their time as well as help clear/open bed space??? I would think if an individual is submitting to programs as grueling as these and admitting they need help… as well as completing them… speaks volumes of the commitment and dedication from said individual… would it not??? questions like these and others are common occurrence and conversation… yet whom do we network with and how do we have our voices heard??? speaking to loudly can draw attention… that end up in some type of retribution/revenge aimed at silencing the voice speaking… hence why so many accept what is and has been… how does this truly become Department of Corrections… rather than Department of Incorrections??? I admitted my guilt when I took my plea… I’ve also submitted necessary paperwork for treatment… and have submitted many LOC’s attempting to take preventative measures to correct my mistake… also have inquired about above questions… I am awaiting answers as both individuals I talked to had no clue either way… yet I was told immediately by one about double dipping when inquired about this… now why would anything be met with resistance rather than… “let me make a few calls and get back to you”… as a response??? 1 individual told me to talk to caseworker once I was close to completion of treatment for other program… now why assume an individual is going to fail (that’s the vibe I felt)??? why not encourage and equip an individual with the necessary tools and information for success??? Department of Corrections is about rehabilitation redemption and success… why not utilize everything to the fullest!!!”

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