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Vaccines and Hep C Treatment at WMCC

By May 17, 2021No Comments

 We received the following message from a man who’s incarcerated at WMCC regarding Covid-19 vaccines and visits and individuals being denied Hepatitis C treatment. 

Hello , I just wanted to report that yesterday I was sent to medical and ask if I wanted to take the covid shot , after answering No myself and other inmates where told by the nurses that if we don’t take the shot we would not be receiving visits ! This doesn’t seem right to me that I’m being pressed into taking a shot that not even their staff is required too take , as well as some inmates can’t take the shot do to underlined medical conditions so they are just beat on seeing their love ones because they are sick ? Idk just doesn’t seem right .. Another thing is guys are suffering from Hep C and being denied treatment after a law suit has been won ? I just wanted to make aware of what’s going on here at Cameron , thank you for your time and efforts I really appreciate all you guys do !! Have a great day”

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