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Death At WMCC on 4/24/-Warning!

By May 6, 2021No Comments

 WARNING: This story is very sad and could be traumatic to some. We don’t normally post about specific deaths, but this death could’ve been prevented. Missouri Department of Corrections MUST be held responsible.

On 4/24/21 a man who was incarcerated at WMCC in Cameron, Missouri was given a violation for a 4.1 (“Perimeter Escape-leaving the security perimeter or grounds of a correctional center or treatment center without authorization). This man should’ve gone to ad-seg at that point per DOC policy. For some reason, the man didn’t go and was left in general population. 

Later that day, the same man became involved in a physical altercation with another man. Other incarcerated men began yelling for corrections staff to intervene. One of the men involved in the fight eventually beat the other man to death. We’re told by multiple sources (staff AND incarcerated sources) that if it weren’t for other incarcerated men banging on the windows, corrections staff wouldn’t have known the man was lying there deceased. By the time the man was found, his blood had begun to coagulate and was dripping down to the next floor. 

Missouri Prison Reform submitted a sunshine request for all incarcerated deaths last week and the DOC is reporting this death as occurring on 4/25/21. That is not correct. The assault happened on 4/24/21 and the man was deceased by the time staff found him. 

Staff shortages are terrible right now in the whole state but especially bad at WMCC because of a SGT from CCC who was transferred to WMCC and is now a LT. Staff from CCC who would normally work extra shifts at WMCC, now refuse because of this LT.

Something needs to change. Immediately. 

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