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Unsanitary Conditions, bugs and Retaliation at Aloga

By April 9, 2021No Comments

 We received the following message from an incarcerated man at Algoa Correctional Facility. This is the same man who got a conduct violation for not wearing a mask (contrary to what Director Precythe would like people to believe),

So I will start with a few little things before I go to extreme and things I’m still waiting to hear back from the “IRR” process that really is just to employ extra staff and to keep classification case managers and c.os from doing there jobs the first time. I have had two successful IRR outcomes that I should of never had to file paperwork for or even on one being a maintance issue that sprayed water all over the cell when flushing the toilet the second being a new c.o writing me up for a 11.10 instead of a 24.2 contraband for my own prescription pills that is addressed in page 4 of the yellow offender rule book to my knowledge that they are supposed to carry at all times and utilize when writing a conduct violation, this could of easily gotten my date taken and more state funds and federal funds being used to house me since I have a class b felony

At Algoa Correctional Center housing unit 3 ad seg trays are very nasty and have food on the bottoms of the trays because staff fails to utilize the lids when preparing the food trays for the ad seg carts.
1st Issue, This is very unsanitary due to the fact that these trays are slid down the line while being loaded with the food in each slot and that the line is also cleaned with a solution and washcloth and put back in a bucket of water/solution mix to be reused for the next spill to be wiped up, then these trays are stacked on top of each other exposing food to the underside of the tray that is stacked on top
2nd Thing that is unsanitary from not using the lids is that food collects on the bottoms and sides of the trays and when being passed out is also passing food particles on our drinks and other areas and surfaces inside of the cell and on our clothes to where we have to set our trays on a designated towel to eat on
This is the only ad seg housing unit to NOT use the lids for every and tray at all meals and using the lids would in fact keep these issues to a minimum if not solve them.

2nd Issue, housing unit 3 is infested with cockroaches and to my knowledge and understanding this is the only housing unit on the camp with this problem and could easily be sprayed and or treated for pest and insects

3rd Issue, Is that Housing unit 3 is not being fermigated for the covid 19 virus like every other housing unit is on every Monday and Friday.

Thanks for your care and concern about problems with MO Doc as I have alot to bring to your attention for questions that should be answered immediately rather than a lousy irr process. Also thanks for being involved and letting loved ones know how crooked and corrupt this system is and how they lie I was in fact wrote up for not wearing my mask that was used as a retaliation because I asked the c.o why she pulled her mask down every time to speak/yell at offenders when I indeed had my mask on but not properly covering my nose again thanks for your help,

Lori Curry

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