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A Mass Search at ERDCC

By April 9, 2021No Comments

 On Wednesday, April 7, 2021, there was a mass search at ERDCC in Bonne Terre. We received the following email from an incarcerated man regarding this search. 

“The department does not care about our health, safety, and well being. Since the department now knows staff are the only ones bringing drugs and contraband into prisons—because there haven’t been any visits, they responded by having busloads of guards come to ERDCC from all over the state, (which is more COVID-19 exposure) and tear up our cells. Can anyone explain how that stops staff from bringing drugs into prisons? It doesn’t. If they wanted to stop staff from bringing drugs into prisons, they would strip search staff and tear up their lockers and cars, and find the drugs staff bring in. The department has absolutely no interest in stopping the problem, or changing the way prisons are ran. But how can they? They are too short of staff everywhere.
So the department can bring around staff from all over the state to ERDCC, (staff who weren’t wearing masks) but guess who can’t come into the prison? Our families.
Lastly, medical staff did not pass out any afternoon medication. It was their responsibility as we were locked down. Some guys take seizure medication, some take pain meds, and others take psych meds–and medical staff denied everyone those needed medications. And after that, medical staff didn’t pass out evening medication either.
That is deliberate indifference by prison officals, and denial of medical treatment by staff.”

Lori Curry

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