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Vaccine Letter From Jeff Norman

By March 26, 2021No Comments

 On 3/24/21 Jeff Norman, MoDOC’s Director of Adult Institutions, sent out an email to the incarcerated on their Jpay tablets. The email was encouraging the incarcerated to accept the COVID-19 vaccines that are being offered to them. It also stated that visits would resume when approximately 70% of the incarcerated population has been vaccinated. The problem is, as we’ve stated before, the incarcerated do not trust Mr. Norman, MoDOC administration, Corizon, or the vaccine. 

Can you blame them after the way the department of corrections handled this virus? Staff refusing to wear masks, transfers continued and administration have been dishonest about it, their “viral containment plan” not being followed. Just a simple Google search of “Corizon lawsuits” can give you some insight as to why the incarcerated population don’t trust them. 

Mr. Norman, they don’t trust you. And now you’re holding visits over their heads to persuade them to take this vaccine. Your own staff are refusing it. What are you doing to encourage them to take it?

Here’s the letter that Mr. Norman sent to the incarcerated. 

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