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Please Don’t Forget About This Incident

By March 9, 2021No Comments

 On February 28, 2021 a group of Muslim men who are incarcerated at ERDCC in Bonne Terre, Missouri were praying when they were pepper sprayed by DOC staff. Please don’ forget about this situation. Even if they were “creating a disturbance”, does that warrant corrections officers pepper spraying them? Were the staff or any other individuals in danger? Was there a less violent way to deal with this situation? 

You can read our first post about this incident here.

Here’s another message regarding this situation. 

“Our concern and concern of others is the same concern we always have when it comes to incidents between offenders staff and incidents within MDOC our voices are “heard” only to be thrown to the wayside because we are inmates people who committed a crime. Briefly speaking, I have been an activist and a voice for criminal justice and prison reform way before my incarceration I among others including my wife have been victims of systematic racism, inhuman and unfair treatment while incarcerated for far to long. So I personally research and seek information from creditable sources, knowing that there are three sides to every story his side, their side and the truth and I do not accept or report lies or exaggerated truths. Hence why I am hesitant in giving out Missouri Ps Reform information and if I ever do please investagate their claims thoroughly as well as mine. Be very careful, some offenders are not in it for the reform but for personal gain. But with this magnitude of an incident I do feel it warranted some attention to the proper outlets as you have did as well as hearing multiple accounts. Offenders, who are actually reforming, want to hear that if their rights are being violated that someone anyone is hearing their cries and doing something about so it will stop and not happen to anyone else.
I do not know if ERDCC is investigating the incident. What I do know is they(ERDCC) had given every offender, whom was involved in the prayer/macing incident, a violation and instead of it being a 9.1 Organized Disobedience a major, they was issued a 19.4 Creating a disturbance that disturb the natural flow of the institution a minor. They was told since it is a minor violation they would be placed back into honor status which would be in 4 house B wing. This is to accommodate them for the injustice and inconvenience?! The Muslims are utterly upset because not only does the Deputy Warden **** ******* and staff alike know of this situation and agrees that the staff behaved unethically and improperly, ERDCC is not holding the officers accountable and the offenders, told by countless they was in the right, are still being punished by being found guilty of a violation, which could have a negative affect in regards to parole. There are other rumors such as religious services will be starting up March 15th and the officers involved in the macing are working the perimeter fence both because of this incident.
This is the ugly truth of our criminal justice system and the workings of MDOC, they know we are innocent but we still are punished they know cops/correctional officers are killing and treating people wrongfully but they are not being held accountable at least to the degree of their offense. Again this is disheartening. I do have an offender whom would like to be added plus many more. Again be careful and always research their claims. Again, thank you so much.”

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