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More Information Regarding The Fake Jpay Account By DOC Staff

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 We received the following message from one of the men that a Missouri Department of Corrections corrections officer messaged using a Jpay account she created using a fake name. This man is correct when he says that the incarcerated cannot add anyone to their Jpay accounts. They cannot initiate communication with anyone. People have to create Jpay accounts and add specific incarcerated people in order to communicate with them. Perhaps administration need to educate themselves on Jpay, tablets, and other things before making accusations. Perhaps it would best serve everyone if MoDOC and prison administration knew how Jpay and Securus worked, as well as the tablets. We hope to see justice in this situation soon. 

Here’s the message we received from the incarcerated man from Maryville Treatment Center. Posted with his permission. 


IM currently in the hole under prea investigion and a staff firmiliariry investigation as well as another inmate here at maryville treatment center
A female gaurd set up a fake jpay account on a Friday and by Monday before the emails even came in I was locked up.when the captain called me in his office I was asked which of my staff members is it? I replied “I don’t know what you are talking about” he said, “I was lying BC he intercepted an email from a staff member asking me to meet her on the yard so we could talk. I never seen the email in question so I had the same statement I don’t know what you are talking about at that time he placed me in cuffs and under invetigation.Then 3 days later I received my tablet and I had emails from the guard on it here are some direct quotes from the emails sent to me.

“im looking for a new job b/c I’m tired of being treated like I’m going to sleep with you guys”

Prea right there

The point to take into consideration there is multiple correctional officers knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. Prea is no longer taken seriously in the Missouri prison system only when it involves inmate to inmate BC If its a staff member and a inmate it makes the facility look bad and the correctional officers take offense to a officer liking a inmate. ive seen mutiple times a inmate file a prea and the invetigator come and tell the inmate either drop the prea investigation or get lost i. the hole. which i fear wil, happen to me in this sitaution the want to go to my family and friends and the fear of losing my outdate we are being punished for this not investigated. since the situation I’ve been treated diffent a officer has cuffed me so tight the circulation was cut off to my hands when I was on the phone with my mother. My treatment has stopped I’ve been in the hole for a month and I’ve heard nothing at all they haven’t done any investigating on the situation. I have multiple emails from this staff member and I can’t even have them printed to keep the evidence. Again BC we have lost the right to go to the kiosk and print anything off the also will not let us add funds to our jpay so that we can by stamps to keep in contact with our families. They don’t want us shedding any light on the way a prea is treated at every faciliy in missori. I fear the retribution they will seek just from me speaking out on the in justice. What will probably happen would be they will transfer me to another hole where I can’t have my tablet and speak out on this and I will only get one call a month.

Direct quote 2
“I’m not about the booking up life never have been I haven’t been with someone sexualy since July of last year I came out when i was 21.I am a 3 time suicide attempt survivor”

That is the opening statement of the email That has prea right in it it talks about her sexual orientation and the fact she is thinking about hooking up with me. my investigation was turned into a prea investigation untill 3 days ago when I was question they seen the sexual nature of the emails and still wanted to push it as a staff familiarity to save their reputation. Here at MTC there has been multiple preas in the past year.

Another point to be made is the fact that the ,mental stability of the officer is over looked they check offenders quartley but not the staff who work here that control our freedom.If they wrote us up to many times they take our date. So is it wrong to consider a mentally Ill correctional officer could be treating inmates wrong or taking advantage of their power and authority like in this situation here. Which happens all over state off missouri .While I was in boonville a correctional officer had a mental break down and maced the hole treatment house offenders and staff members in the middle of a mental break down. I say its time for a change mental health screening should be done on the officers and staff members currently working and that are about to come work for the department of corrections.

Back to the situation at hand
I have multiple correctional officer witnesses who knew about the situation. The guard in question called me and another offender out on multiple occasions to work for her even after being instucted not to by the shift commander. I also had another correctional officer calling and telling the female guard everything me and the other offender was doing to try to create problems for me and the other offender. The same officer calling the guard in question is the one who placed the cuffs on me so tight it cut the circulation off to my hands. Being vendictive because I told him new was a witness to the investigation. In my irr I filed stating that no inmate can never consent to a relationship with a staff member.Also that I can not create a jpay account for someone to email them that is souley on the person setting it up. In my action requested to resolve the irr. I asked for the staff member to be removed from the facility and my treatment to be reinstated and for the officer witnesses to have to file a statement on the investigation.

Since the investigation started they put the officer in question in the perimeter car. waving and rolling her window down talking to inmates while having a shot gun in her possession it does not seem very safe for the offenders here at mtc currently. They do not care about our safety only the reputation of this institution and how it looks to Jefferson city on paper.I am currently trying to find a probono attorney to persue a lawsuit against the department of correction due to its gross oversight of the mental stability of its officers and staff members. The way we are treated once we are under investigation.”

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