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Mask CDV’s And No Sick Call at JCCC

By March 16, 2021No Comments

 We have been told that incarcerated individuals at Jefferson City Correctional Center are being threatened with conduct violations for not wearing their masks while staff continue to not wear masks. Staff are giving CDV’s for “not following a directive”

We have also been told that for approximately two weeks, sick call has been canceled daily. Staff calls “sick call” at 1:30. Incarcerated are filling out their MSR’s and holding on to them until sick call (as directed by administration because of Covid) but when they go to sick call, they are told sick call is canceled. We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that if an incarcerated person “self declares” for a medical reason but medical staff doesn’t believe the reason is serious enough, the incarcerated individual can be given a violation. So many of these men are not having their medical concerns addressed. 

Lori Curry

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