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Mask CDV At Algoa

By March 24, 2021No Comments

 During a town hall meeting on 3/4/21, Missouri Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe stated that incarcerated people were not being given conduct violations for not wearing masks due to Covid. We know this is not true. After that meeting, we heard from countless people telling us that their loved ones HAD been given a violation for not wearing a mask. We were even told of an incident where a man was given a violation for not wearing his “correctly”.  During the town hall, Ms. Precythe also stated that MoDOC employees receive no kind of consequence for not wearing masks for Covid. 

One man who is incarcerated at Algoa Correctional Center in Jefferson City, Missouri attempted to mail a copy of his violation to a family member to provide proof that he was, in fact, given a violation for not wearing his mask. Two weeks have gone by and the family member has not received the copy of the violation that the man mailed. He mailed a different piece of mail to another family member and it was received within days. So, where is the violation he mailed? 

More information we received from another facility regarding mask violations.

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