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Another Incarcerated Person Tells Us About The Pepper-Spraying at ERDCC

By March 4, 2021No Comments

 We received another message about the pepper-spraying of the Muslims who were praying at ERDCC recently. Here’s the message we received: 

While inmates were on their knees, praying, staff maced them and put them in the hole. I’ll say it again–PRAYING. So, staff bring drugs into prison, spread covid to us, deny us medical treatment, and now, they mace us for Praying. This is where we are living. I just hope people reading this contact the parole board and legislators to let them know what is happening within these prisons. Because until laws are changed, the parole has the authority to review and release inmates who are, or will be parole eligible. The parole board cannot fix the conditions within prison, but they can get us out of a situation that is inhumane, unsafe, and unhealthy. Because the safest and most stable environment for myself and others, is at home with our families, and at work at jobs in our communities. Because I won’t be around drugs, or people using drugs when I’m released. I won’t be around an environment of dehumanization when I’m released. I can social distance and won’t have to worry being put in the hole if I go to hospital and say I feel sick. I can hug my wife, and my daughter won’t have to wonder why she can’t see me, because I’ll be there to see her get on the bus in the morning and help with her homework when she gets home, when I’m released. I won’t have to live around stabbings and assaults when I’m released. Because if the parole board is looking at my current environment, who I am, and what my environment is the moment I’m released, what’s in the best interest of society, my family, and me? No one in right mind is going to say staying in this environment is beneficial, or helpful in any way. They, (the parole board, caseworkers, etc.) say they want us to make the best/right decisions and choices for us to be successful, and if we see a situation isn’t good for us, to separate ourselves from it. They say to reach out for help and don’t let our pride keep us from asking for the help we need. So, that’s what I’m doing, and what I’ve been doing. I’ve asked everyone I can for help. I’ve even asked the parole board for help. So, here I am again. If you are reading this,please contact the parole board and tell them what is going on in here, and ask them to release me on my eligibility date–6/13/21. I’m trying to get away from a bad environment, but I can’t if they don’t let me.

God Bless,
LeVar Aikens

And by the way, yesterday, some inmates were given what we are told was a vaccine shot. Some guys spent the night throwing up and racked with pain. And no one wants to tell medical, because they don’t want to be put in the hole, or a suicide cell, for, “close observation.” “

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