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A Message From A Former DOC Staff Member

By March 6, 2021No Comments

 Here’s a message we received from one former staff member regarding the handling of Covid-19 and the DOC’s “viral containment plan”.

 I was a Correctional Officer at a Mo State Correctional Facility when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I was a new officer just out of training. From the very first day I ended my on the job training (OJT), I was ambushed by upper management. My first shift off OJT I was scheduled to work the medical unit. There were several offenders who were admitted and sick with covid. (I did not know or was I informed that these individuals had Covid during my shift) No masks were wore by any staff members. On my next scheduled shift I was stopped by the Sergeant who informed me that on my previous shift, I had been directly exposed to someone who is suspected to be positive. I was told this person is in quarantine until results come back in like 2-3 days. In the mean time I was not directed to or was any mention of wearing a mask made. I was told that I would be put outside on post until results were back. I went to my outside post and another officer came to tell me I was put back in (OJT) status and to hand over my keys. I mentioned that I was told I was in direct contact with someone who is suspected to be positive. This officer said they were not made aware so it must not be a big deal. This officer had me go into a housing unit even after reminding this person I had been directly exposed. After I finished my shift, I felt this was unacceptable. I decided for the safety of my co workers, the offenders, and my own family, to stay home the next 2 shifts until those results came back. If those results were to have been positive, I could have possibly infected an entire housing unit. The results I were told came back neg. I then return to my scheduled shift. About a week later, while working in a HU, I got a call asking me to stop into the officers lounge. On my break I stopped in to see what was up. I was directed to step into the Majors office. Once in the office I was being read a formal paper (later realizing) this was a formal disciplinary write up. I was written up because I didn’t have the time to take off work and did anyway. I was also told that even though they understand people are concerned with Covid, that me not being there does a “great injustice” to my co workers. This is just one example of a few situations how I was ambushed from the beginning. If people are interested to know more I’ll be glad to tell! I’m so sick of the covered up corruption that is going on with within the MODOC. These facilities are horrible and I mean horrendous. I don’t care what the MODOC tells you. They are unsanitary and not in any way livable conditions for even an animal. The facility I worked in had HU’s that did NOT have AC or heat. They LIE. The men get 1 extra thin blanket in the winter and plastic put on the window. That’s IT! No heat! In the summer, the plastic can come off, but NO AC. They have a industrial fan that sits at the very back of the wing. That is what they consider AC. 

I may have only worked there for a short period. However, that’s all it took for me to see the truth.

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