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Response To DOC Employee’s Message/Jeff Norman

By February 5, 2021No Comments

 Earlier this week, we received a message on social media from a MoDOC employee ( accusing us of not wanting to work with the DOC to try to improve things for both staff and the incarcerated. This employee seems to be extremely misinformed. 

We, along with several other organizations, have repeatedly attempted to reach out to DOC leadership to form a partnership to improve things for everyone involved. On two instances, several months ago, we emailed Jeff Norman, Director of Adult Institutions. Mr. Norman has yet to respond to our emails. Yet he clearly has time to engage on social media (pictured here is his recent LinkedIn activity). 

We’ve been told that Mr. Norman doesn’t often respond to emails. We would also like to note that we have sent many emails to Anne Precythe (Missouri Department of Corrections Director) and Ms. Precythe has never replied. We know others have attempted to form a line of communication with Ms. Precythe, also, to no avail. 

The DOC doesn’t want to improve things. Not for their staff or the incarcerated. 

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