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More On The Retaliation Allegations at MTC

By February 10, 2021No Comments

 This is a message we received from the incarcerated man who filed the IRR (Informal Resolution Request)  regarding the way staff handled the riot on New Year’s Eve at Maryville Treatment Center. In his IRR he stated he felt unsafe that night due to the way staff handled things. This was shared with his permission. 

Maryville is near the Iowa border and the building is old. To leave a man with no clothes is cruel. 

We would like to remind everyone that the DOC has 40 days to respond to an IRR. If they need more time for extenuating circumstances, they have to indicate that (and the reason) on the IRR and return it to the incarcerated individual. If anyone would like the grievance policy, please contact us. We want everyone to be informed. 

Lori Curry

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