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Constituent Services Once Again Not Doing Their Job

By January 22, 2021No Comments

 An incarcerated man filed an IRR well over a month ago regarding his stolen property. The family has made multiple calls to the facility and has emailed constituent services only to be ignored, to have the facility warden tell her that her son probably sold his property for drugs (without any evidence of this being the case) and many other issues. 

Several times this week constituent services has told her that her son should hear back on his IRR “soon”. We emailed the family member and included constituent services, informing the family that, per policy, the IRR must be reviewed within 40 days. If not, there must be a reason given and it must be provided to the individual who filed the IRR. The family member reminded them of this and only then did Mr. Hartness inform the family that if it had been more than 40 days, the man could file a grievance and state he would send it onto the facility. Did Mr. Hartness even bother looking at dates that this man filed IRR’s regarding this issue before telling the family, more than once, that he would hear back “soon”? 

Families of Missouri’s incarcerated know that Mr. Hartness and Mr. Neiman often respond to their concerns without taking the time to find out correct information, often give a quick response without addressing all of their concerns, and quite frequently don’t respond to calls and emails. So what are we paying them to do?

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